Any 3D file or cloud of points are welcome. LAS, OBJ, STL, etc … Upload your 3D map.UPLOAD


Your data will be analyzed and a report will be generated based on your need.


Your topography report is ready. Download it now.

What can Aftermap do?

Stockpile volume

Calculate volumes of stockpiles and more. The reference base can be adapted to the ground.

Recurrent cross section

Extract a cross section on multiple topographies and measure the volumes over time!

Remove objects

Remove objects like vehicles from the topography.


Height, diameters, …

Dimensions on ortho

Measure angles, circles, diameters, distances and more… on orthophoto or topography.

Map the slopes

Map the slopes in order to localize high slopes areas.


Display the contour of the elevation and choose your own settings.

Significant changes

From a series of topographies, display the area of significant changes.

Flatten water

Flatten the water areas in just a few clicks.

3D in 3D

Display your data in 3D for 3D glasses.


Detect the watersheeds from the topography.

Find out the deepest points and the watersheed limits based on a customized threshold.
Patch areas

Patch the areas in order to get a single and large 3D map.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Aftermap have been great to work with. With a broad idea of what I wanted, Aftermap created a report that exceeded my expectations.”

Central Drone Surveys

Chris Nichols, Director, Australia. 2019

“My partnership with Aftermap is just great. I have shown to my client the potential and he was more than impressed. We provide the client with report every month. I can tell that Aftermap help me winning new clients!”

Grey Area enterprises (Pty) Ltd

Rodgers Makgomo, Director,  Botswana. 2019.

Outsource for $49!

Should you need an advanced topography analysis, or
basic volume calculation… or any other need based on your data, you may outsource some of your work for only $49.

Send us your data, tell us what you need and we will provide with all the data, values and report.
We may charge you only if you are happy with the result!


Become a partner

Do you want to have more clients?
As a partner, we will help you winning new clients. Send us some cases and we will generate a demo based on your data. You will be able to propose something new to your clients. By differenciating your offer, you may increase your revenue. Don’t hesitate to upload your data.

Become partner

Turn your map into a fancy report !


All the post-treatments actions will be saved in a dynamic workflow. Very convenient to fine tune the process at any stage.


The topography analysis can be applied on multiple data as a template with the software.


The report will be generated either in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish.


You data will be turned into a fancy dynamic report. We can export it as a .pdf or .doc file.


Should it makes sense to get some statistics from all your data, feel free to ask  about statistics possibilities, it is very easy.

Enhancing Topography View

Visualization is more than just nice. It appears to be very technical and very important to understand and have a better understanding of your surface.


The 3D mesh can be displayed with many options.


Want to see your data in 3D? I mean, in real 3D and fly over the surface with 3D glasses? It is possible to display any mesh into an anaglyph.


The topography can be overlaid with a RGB image (tif, jpg, etc).


The color of the height map can be fine tuned so that you can display more details, elevation contour, material simulation, and more.


The multispectral map can also be overlaid on the 3D mesh.


Providing the drone aerial topography market

with the advanced knowledge acquired in
the nanotechnology industry.
That is our goal.